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Barbex Plantation Ltd is a premier agribusiness specializing in cultivating cocoa, coffee, rubber, and various agricultural produce. Since our establishment in 1994, our mission has been to harness the power of appropriate technologies to produce and add value to coffee, cocoa, and rubber. With a vision to become the leading producer of cocoa, coffee, and rubber in Ghana, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Spanning over 628 acres of land, our plantation in Adomfe, located just 70 km east of Kumasi, serves as the cornerstone of our operations. We allocate 213 acres for coffee cultivation, 250 acres for cocoa farming, and 58 acres for rubber production. Our strategic location enables us to serve as a vital distributor of high-quality cocoa and coffee beans to COCOBOD, as well as rubber to the Ghana Rubber Estate Limited.

At Barbex, we are passionate about more than just agricultural production. We firmly believe in creating job opportunities that empower local communities and drive economic growth. By moving up the agriculture value chain, we strive to foster innovation and maximize the value derived from our crops. Through our smallholder farming scheme, we support locals by helping them participate meaningfully in the agricultural sector. 



With 213 acres of our plantation dedicated to coffee cultivation, we ensure the highest quality beans are meticulously grown, harvested, and processed.

Our team of experienced farmers employs advanced techniques and sustainable farming practices to cultivate coffee plants. From careful selection of seeds to optimal soil management and precise harvesting, every step is executed with utmost attention to detail. We prioritize quality control throughout the production process to deliver high quality coffee beans.



At Barbex, we are committed to excellence in cocoa production. With 250 acres of dedicated plantation, we have earned a reputation as a trusted supplier of premium cocoa beans. Our skilled farmers provide expert care to cocoa trees, creating optimal conditions for them to flourish and yield high-quality cocoa pods.

From the meticulous hand-picking of ripe cocoa pods to the careful fermentation and drying process, we ensure that each stage of cocoa production is managed with precision to maintain the unique flavor and aroma of Ghanaian cocoa. Our practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly, reflecting our dedication to both the quality of our cocoa and the preservation of the natural ecosystem.



Our dedicated 58-acre raw rubber plantation guarantees the highest quality and purity standards. Managed by skilled professionals, we employ advanced techniques to maximize yield and maintain sustainable operations. Our superior rubber tree varieties are carefully selected and cultivated for optimal growth and latex production.

HRegular monitoring and maintenance ensure the health and productivity of our rubber trees, resulting in high-quality raw rubber. Our experienced workers expertly tap the trees using sustainable methods that minimize impact on tree health and uphold our commitment to environmental conservation.