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Barbex Africa Projects Ltd was built on the foundation laid by Barbex Technical Services Limited in 1990 to provide value-driven supply chain services to companies in the mining sector.

We are a mining support company that specializes in providing comprehensive services to the mining industry. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to all aspects of mineral support services.


We have global procurement networks making it possible to source and supply directly from various supply hubs worldwide and capitalize on our strong network and versatility to deliver added value to our clients which helps them execute their operations both efficiently and seamlessly.

Barbex was the first service support company in Ghana to receive the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) accreditation. This demonstrates our industry-wide adaptability and adherence to international standards, which puts us on par with our global counterparts.

We are known for our “just-in-time” delivery of services to clients. Our Jubilee Terminal at the Barbex Tarkwa Facility which is well-equipped with cutting-edge stock control and inventory management systems enables us to quickly and effectively store, supply, and manage inventory depending on quantities of materials and chemicals, such as quicklime, cyanide, and hydrogen peroxide to businesses in the mining sector.


We understand the mining environment and are fully compliant with all standards and requirements from our key stakeholders: Minerals Commission, Ghana Chamber of Mines, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Customs Excise and Preventive Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.

With our years of expertise in the industry, Barbex Africa Projects Ltd offers end-to-end mining support project management services. We recognize that clients will always have changing needs as a result of the many dynamics and ever-evolving phases of the mining industry.
For this reason, we use innovative ways to provide improved and tailor-made solutions to these needs. This means, we place great premium on both our distribution and logistics chain ensuring precision, speed, timeliness and value-added services.
With our core fleet of vehicles and well-trained employees, we distribute both hazardous and non- hazardous mining chemicals, and supplementary mining materials to various mines in Ghana and the West African region.
We primarily focus on chemical products, material supply and distribution to meet our clients demands. From chemicals like quicklime, cyanide, and hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid to material such as filters, conveyor systems and grinding media to mines in and outside Ghana.
We provide technical support services for specialty products and chemicals such as quicklime, cyanide, hydrogen peroxide. Our certified technical support team focuses on the safety, health and environmental aspects where we monitor and train stakeholders on the proper use of the chemicals and related products.
Barbex Africa Projects Ltd is a front-runner in handling all importation and exportation of mining products in Ghana. With our chain of global partners and long-standing relationship with the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, we act as a Customs House Agent, clearing all materials contracted to us by our clients and mining companies on consignment stock or supply agreement on Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) and Delivered Duties Paid and (DDP) basis.
Barbex Africa Projects Ltd has warehouses situated at prime locations and are 1500m2 and 1200m2 in size.
With the aid of advanced inventory management technology, Barbex is fully equipped to handle inventory management for clients, including special products and requests in a timely and safe manner.